Bicycle Accident Coverage Highlights

Coverage is provided for bicycle riding of an insured new or used bicycle powered by human pedaling and includes fixed accessories and removable parts on land within the United States or Canada.

Coverage applies in the event of a covered accident or injury and is limited to any one bicycle.

Additional bicycles may be added for only $179 each per membership year.

The Bicycle Accident Insurance applies to casual and competitive road and off-road bicycle rides such as individual, group, commuter, charity and competition.  Competitive rides including but not limited to triathlon are covered as competing in competitive cycling events is accepted as normal use of the bike and is covered.

Competitive Athletes

There are 4 Areas of Bicycle Accident Insurance

Bicycle Physical Damage Coverage

($10,000 limit. $100 deductible per occurrence)

The insured is covered for accidents while riding an insured bicycle within the United States of America and Canada. The Bicycle Physical Damage Coverage will pay for the amount necessary to repair or replace the insured bicycle with like kind and quality less the deductible.

Accidental Medical Payments

($10,000 limit. $100 deductible per occurrence)

Benefit covers the expenses that result directly from a covered bicycle accident. Accidental Medical Payments include necessary medical, surgery, x-ray, dental, ambulance, hospital and professional nursing services.

Coverage provided under Accidental Medical Payments is excess of any other collectible insurance providing payment for medical expenses.

Accidental Disability & Death Benefit

($5,000 limit)

Benefit for bicycle accident injury resulting in disability which includes loss of limb, sight, hearing and speech or death.

Bicycle Accessories

($500 limit per occurrence. $1,000 aggregate. No deductible.)

Coverage is provided for sudden, accidental direct physical damage to accessories for the insured bicycle. The Bicycle Accessories coverage will pay the actual cash value for the accessories up to $500 per occurrence and $1,000 total in any single policy period. No deductible will be applied against this coverage.

Coverage Highlights Disclaimer

Claims must be reported within 90 days of an accident.

An Accidental Medical claim is required in conjunction with any claim.

The Bicycle Accident Insurance is limited benefit accident coverage. It is not Health Insurance and benefits are not payable for loss due to sickness. The coverage only pays benefits for specific covered losses from defined accidents only.

Certain key terms, definitions, and policy coverage descriptions are provided herein in summary form for informational purposes. Only the insurance policy issued to Yield to Life and your certificate, itself, contains the actual coverage language, including the scope and extent of coverage and any applicable limitations and exclusions, and therefore your certificate should be reviewed carefully. Care has been taken in preparing summary information to avoid any inconsistencies with the policy/certificate language; however, in the event of any actual or perceived inconsistencies, the policy/certificate language will be controlling. Please note that this coverage is not available in all states and coverage may vary by state.